Jaw pain is caused from your Back, not your Jaw!!


This is How I treat Jaw Pain using Chiropractic Care!!

I use 3 different Chiropractic Techniques...

There is a disc seen above in the Jaw condyle that can contribute to Jaw Pain.
The muscle, bone and ligaments that surround it are just as important. 
But structurally, the Jaw develops 'issues with the tissues' it has. ie anomalies of the bone structure

Jaw Pain's additional source of pain comes from the Spine...through biomechanics.

Symptoms Include but are not limited : Jaw Pain, Ear Pain, Hard to Open Mouth, Headaches, Temple Pain, Etc. 

Treatment/Adjustments: Logan Basic, Activator and Diversified Adjusting. 

Logan Basic Technique 

Activator Technique

Diversified Techniques

In my experience, separately, these techniques are helpful in the treatment of Jaw Pain.

Used together, all 3 techniques used together are powerful tools that are very effective. 

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